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a soon to be lawyer and a concept artist. Seeing the world from two perspectives and loving them equally.

As a potato I'm also a good source of carbohydrate.

Please don't note me on deviantart, Contact me using my e-mail address :
So I just realized that I never made a journal concerning commissions before.

BUT NOW I HAVE. :iconheplz:

Since I finally have some free time, I thought I would open up some commission slots.

So here are the intimidating quotations (insert saw ost here)

- Character/environment sketch | 35 - 50 usd
- Character/environment greyscale | 50 - 75 usd
- Character/environment colored | 75 - 150 usd
- Scene/illustration/production painting/misc | 40 - 200 usd ++
- find the meaning of life | 42 -

These aren't my normal rates more like a soft launching discount or promo you might say. of course prices may vary depending on complexity, specification, and usage. Payments could be done by paypal.

E-mail me on if you ever want to order or discuss anything (Or if you just wanna talk and hang out I'm cool). Don't comment on here since I would most likely miss on reading it.

And no I don't work for free :( 
Hey! It's been a long time since my last journal update.

So around this tuesday or wednesday, I will be in Boston and New York for some time prolly a week or so. So if by any chance someone wants to meet up and idk chit chat and stuff, make meaningless conversations and have coffee together who knows probably I could meet my future wife. That sounded too aggressive. So yea looking forward for a fellow potato to meet up! or beans, or cabbages idk I'm not profound towards one species of vegetable thats just plain racist cuz I have many tomato friends and god knows if they're a fruit or vegetable but you don't see me questioning and I actually participate in tomato pride parades it's time to set an end to this false dichotomy.

So if you could just give me your phone number, address, parents names, foot size, social security number, insurance policy, we should be good to go.

I swear I'll draw more for deviantart one of these days. Maybe we could draw stuff when we meet idk just an idea. 

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Such beautiful artwork!
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i saw this…

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dude i gonna watch you partly because of your art but mostly the descriptions you give em xD
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